Serbia & Montenegro
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Bobija, Serbia
Nature’s Pace

Slow Adventure champions leisurely, immersive journeys and heartfelt encounters with wild places and natural spaces, encouraging visitors to experience Mother Nature on her own time frame.

Hrid Lake, Montenegro

Slow Adventure travellers take the time to pause and make eco-conscious travel choices, leaving no discernible footprint behind, interacting with local cultural and natural rhythms, engaging with communities, and returning home with a finer appreciation of life.

Danube River, Serbia
Multiple Surprises

Slow travel destinations have multiple surprises in store for explorers, from wild food and wildlife to taking sanctuary in the great outdoors, and enjoying human- and nature-powered highlights, all deeply rooted in a sense of place.

Wild Soul of Europe
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Serbia capital city belgrade
Montenegro capital city Podgorica

Perched at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, soulful Serbia will wow you. From its meadow-wrapped mountains and crystalline lakes to its charming cities, fascinating culture and tempting cuisine, Serbia has surprises galore...


Meet the little country with a very big heart. This characterful charmer in Southeast Europe rewards visitors with dramatic mountains, Adriatic coastline beaches, rugged national parks, delicious food and wine – and much, much more...

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