Get up close and personal with some of the world’s most majestic scenery in naturally beautiful Serbia and Montenegro, home to cloud-poking mountains, glittering beaches and verdant valleys.
Fruška Gora National park

Congratulations, you’ve arrived in Serbia! Begin by going on a leisurely drive through Serbia’s oldest national park, Fruška Gora: only 50km from Belgrade, it’s an expanse of rolling green hills, where 16 ancient monasteries still stand proud. Full of history, Sremski Karlovci is said to be Serbia’s prettiest town, and it’s where you’ll spend the night: have a traditional dinner with wine tasting and Tambouritza music.

Novi Sad Fortress, Serbia

On your second day, indulge your inner historian in the city of Novi Sad’s Petrovaradin Fortress (nicknamed the ‘Gibraltar of the Danube’); have lunch at the fortress and stay overnight in buzzy Belgrade. Before bedtime, you’ll spend the evening enjoying food and live music in the Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter. Local specialties to try include: kajmak (like an unripened cheese) and Karađorđeva šnicla.

Divčibare, Serbia
DAYS 3 & 4

On your third day, explore the famous city of Belgrade, before driving to a small village near Kosjerić and Divčibare, Mountain to try home-made rakija (plum brandy) and succulent roast lamb. Spend the night here, followed by a hiking trip to Divcibare Mountain, or a trip to Mokra Gora Nature Park, breaking for lunch at Potpeć Cave, famous for its horseshoe-shaped entrance. After all that, you’ll be grateful for your cosy Drvengrad accommodation.

Šargan 8 railway, Serbia

Travel back in time on day five by hopping on the old-fashioned Šargan 8 railway and enjoying some vintage mountain railroad sightseeing: train journeys don’t get more romantic than this. Transfer to Uvac Special Nature Reserve: the natural habitat of the Old World griffon vulture. You’ll make new friends as you enjoy a traditional dinner (and perhaps a shot or two of local brandy) with a rural household on Zlatar Mountain.

Bjelasica Mountain, Montenegro
DAYS 6 & 7

On day six, you’ll take a transfer to the border of Montenegro and go river rafting along the picturesque River Tara, keeping an eye out for fly fishers. Pause for a picnic on the banks before taking a transfer to Kolasin, in northern Montenegro. Hike around beautiful Biograd Lake, a glacial lake on Bjelasica Mountain.

Mount Lovcen National Park, Montenegro

The historic Orthodox Moraca Monastery (founded in 1252) is your first stop on day eight; you might also have time to go on a guided tour of Podgorica and Cetinje, or to visit the rugged Mount Lovcen National Park. Rest up afterwards in the Adriatic city of Budva, where you’ll have dinner and spend the night.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

On your last day, explore the Mountaineering Coastal Transversal, aka the PPT: an 180km mountain trail with stunning views of the coast. Alternatively, join a guided tour of mediaeval Budva and the famous Old Town of Kotor: visit the awe-inspiring Bay of Kotor and the tiny village of Perast, where you’ll sit down for an unforgettable feast, with traditional entertainment.

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