Welcome to Montenegro
Meet the little country with a very big heart. This characterful charmer in Southeast Europe rewards visitors with dramatic mountains, Adriatic coastline beaches, rugged national parks, delicious food and wine – and much, much more...
Boka Bay, Montenegro
Boka Bay

At the meeting point between the azure Adriatic Sea and the rolling mountains, soak up the breathtaking natural beauty of Boka Bay: the only fjord in the Mediterranean. Prepare to be astonished by the Bay’s shimmering turquoise waters, backdropped by the craggy peaks of Mount Orjen and the towering cliffs of Mount Lovcen.

Bella Boka, Montenegro
Nautical Adventure

Test your nautical skills on a sailing trip, or take to the waters with Bella Boka: a fleet of sustainable public transfer boats, which are helping to diminish carbon and methane emissions linked to road and boat transport. Experience Slow Adventures in eco-conscious, luxury accommodation that showcases Boka Bay’s scenery, culture and history.

One & Only Portonovi Resort, Montenegro
Stay in Style

Popular options include the five-star Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel, where tradition meets modernity. For Venetian-style architecture and flawless service, try the five-star hotel Regent Porto Montenegro. If you’re seeking something dazzlingly new, head to Kumbar for One&Only Portonovi, the first resort in Europe from one of the world’s most famous ultra-luxury hotel brands. Alternatively, boost your Instagram feed by bedding down in Montenegro’s most-photographed destination: Aman Sveti Stefan, which occupies a beautifully preserved 15th- century fishing village on a fortified islet. No wonder it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations...

Katun, traditional mountain hut, Montenegro
Montenegro has it all

From boutique hotels to katuns (traditional mountain huts) – when it comes to places to stay, Montenegro has something for all tastes and budgets. Katuns lie at the heart of Montenegrin culture: for centuries, rural villagers have relocated from their low-lying settlements and taken their livestock and families up into the mountain highlands, so the animals can graze during summer and early autumn.

Traditional food, Montenegro
Flavour of Montenegro

In season, visitors are welcome to come and stay with host families in their katuns, living amid Mother Nature, surrounded by staggeringly beautiful scenery and getting a true flavour of local life in the mountains. Assist your hosts with daily duties such as milking the cattle and sheep, preparing meals, cutting the grass and woodcutting for winter. You’ll be rewarded with simple, delicious food, including flavorsome boiled potatoes topped with generous dollops of kajmak (similar to clotted cream); plus deliciously creamy milk, cheeses and yoghurt. Don’t expect mod cons such as the Internet and electricity – but do expect to be pleasantly surprised by how little you miss them. Step back in time by a century or two and experience the life of a nomad cattle breeder; you’ll leave with a new perspective.

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